Check-in is a procedure that is an integral part of boarding the flight at the airport.


It means the passenger is telling the airline that he or she will be present to board the flight.

There is a specific period for united check-in which is within 24 hours before the travel time.


Within 24 hours one has to complete the check-in procedure, not before or after it. And it has to be done 1 hour before the travel time in domestic flights & at least 2 hours before the travel time in International flights. 

These times are called minimum check-in time and they may differ in various airports so it is better to check-in as early as possible.


There are three ways for United flight check-in


1. Online on United Airlines Website

2. Customer Service Helpline

3. At The Airport


Online on the United Website


United Airlines' online check-in is a very simple and efficient method and the airline has made sure to make it as convenient as possible. 

Steps of the United check-in process are mentioned below.

Step1: One needs to go to the United Airlines official Webpage and click on the Check-in option. 

Step2: From there one needs to mention the reference number of the ticket and the last name of one passenger.

Step3: After putting in these details one would have one boarding pass on the Screen which can be printed out and taken to the airport.

A boarding pass is a proof that one has checked in.

Customer Service Helpline


United Airlines' check-in can also be done on call.

For the passengers who are not efficient with online services, United has their Customer service agents who will do the Check-in for the passengers on call and sent them their boarding pass via Email.

For this procedure also one would have to provide the agent with the reference number or ticket number of one passenger.

These kinds of details are required during United flight check-in on-call as the agent needs to locate the reservation and then do the needful.

At The Airport


In the cases where a passenger is could not perform United Airlines' online check-in or United flight check-in on call, one can do it directly at the Airport at the United check-in counter.


The agents present there will help one out if they haven’t exceeded their minimum check-in time. 

One needs to pass on their ticket details to the agent and they help one with their boarding pass. 

During this procedure of United check-in If one needs to add wheelchair assistance or add any kind of baggage in the ticket, the representative will help the passenger out.


When it comes to the minimum check-in time for united flight check-in time some of the Domestic airports have a lot of variations in their timings.


Below is a table giving details of some Airports

During United Airlines check-in many of the international airports may differ in minimum check-in times so it is better to do it beforehand. 


United can deny boarding or cancel the flight of the passengers who do not follow the rule of minimum check-in time. Hence using United Airlines online check-in is the quickest way.

After United Airlines check-in one needs to be present at the boarding gate before the boarding starts. 

If one is making a domestic trip then one needs to be at the boarding gate 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. 

When it comes to international flights one needs to be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time.

Lists of International destinations with minimum boarding time after united check-in

It’s better to check with a United Airlines representative while taking international flights when it comes to United flight check-in or minimum boarding time.