United Airlines Change Flight Policy

United Airlines change flight policy has been crafted to serve the passengers with the most convenient and hassle-free process of change. You can make changes to the existing reservation on the United Airlines official website or you can also call United Airlines phone number. If you are at the airport you can also reach the United Airlines customer service desk there to request the changes.

United Airlines' change can be made from the time of booking to 24 hours before departure. Any changes made to the existing reservation come with a difference in the fare which is subject to availability of the seats at the time when United Airlines change is requested.

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How to change United Airlines Flight? (Online)

Please follow the following steps to change United Airlines Flight.

1. Please visit the United Airlines official website and click on My Trips.

2. Type in the confirmation number and the last name of the traveler. Click on the search.

3. The next page will show the existing itinerary with the flights.

4. Please click on the change. Select the city pairs and the date of travel which you want to choose.

5. It will give you all the available alternate options which you can select. Please select the required flights.

6. Next page will show the newly selected itinerary with the total charge you need to pay.

7. Fill in the card details along with the billing details and confirm. You can also use multiple cards if you want.

8. Once the changes are applied please ensure that you have received the confirmation email with the new itinerary.

How to change United Airlines Flight? (Offline)

1. For offline changes please call United Airlines to call center number and keep the ticket credentials with you.

2. Please provide with United Airlines representative with the confirmation number or the ticket number.

3. The representative will confirm the date of the birth of the traveler for verification purposes.

4. Please provide the United Airlines representative with the changes you are looking for. Help the representative with the city pairs and the date of travel.

5. The representative will help you with all the available alternative flight options.

6. Please select the flight which is best suitable for you and confirm.

7. The United Airlines representative will let you know the amount which is required to be paid and ask for the medium of payment.

8. Please help with the card details will you would like to use to pay the charge. You can also use multiple cards to pay the same.

9. Once paid and the tickets are confirmed you will receive an email with the updated flight itinerary.


As per United Airlines Change Flight Policy, you can also apply changes to the ticket if you are the airport. Please reach out to the United Airlines customer service desk. They will also follow the same process and help you with the changes.

United Same Day Change

If requested, United Airlines changes flight within 24 hours from the time of booking there is no change fee applicable subject to the class of the ticket is economy class or any higher than that. The fare difference will be applied.

Please note that any class booked below economy class will require either the class to be upgraded to the economy for United Airlines changes to be applied or it cannot be changed. In case if the class booked below economy class is within 24 hours of the booking can be completely refunded including the taxes and fee without any charge.

United Airlines Change Seats

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United airlines change seats are permitted for all the classes subject to the availability of the seats on the aircraft.

In case if United Airlines change seats to any higher class as requested by the passenger, it will incur charges applied as a united airlines upgrade fee.

United airlines change seat facility is also available online through the United Airlines official website or application.

United Airlines Name Change

United Airlines' name change policy is applied to the reservation with certain restrictions to help customers.

As per United Airlines' name change policy, the traveler can change the name within hours from the time of booking at no cost by calling United airlines as this facility is not available on the United airlines official website or applications.

If you want to make changes in a name on any particular ticket then changing 1-2 letters is allowed. However, swapping two different names with each is not allowed.

If the tickets are refundable customers can claim the refund if the name change is not possible and book the same seat in the name of another passenger.

United Rescheduled Flight

If United Airlines changes your flight schedule due to weather conditions or any technical difficulties then it is an involuntary change without your consent.

If It is not accepted by you and there is a difference of more than 2 hours in the schedule, you can make further changes with the airlines for a new timing which suits you better. These new changes will not incur any charges.

In certain cases, you are also eligible for a reward voucher if you accept the new flight itinerary.

Cost To Change United Flights

The cost to change United flights depends upon the class of the service of the old itinerary and the new itinerary along with the travel route.


As per United Airlines Change Flight Policy in Domestic flights, there are no change fees for making changes with United Airlines in all classes of United except Basic economy tickets. 


Basic economy tickets are non-changeable and non-cancellable whether it is domestic or international.


In international flights, there will a change fee of USD 300 to USD 400 depending upon the routes of the flight itinerary. 


Any reservation below economy class needs to be upgraded to economy class or any higher class.


In domestic flights only Fare difference will be applied if there is any.


 If the new flights selected for changes are costlier than the previous flights then you will have to pay the difference in the fare in Domestic flights. 


In an international ticket, you would have to pay the change fee as well as the difference in the fare.


You can apply the changes online on the United airlines official website or log in to United IOS and Android applications.


In case if you have any dispute or need any clarification on the cost to change the united Airlines flight, please call United Airlines customer service.

United MileagePlus Changes

United MileagePlus changes can only be done with miles and not using any card.

If the traveler does not have the miles in the account they can buy the miles on the United airlines official website or by calling United Airlines. Apart from the miles and change fee customer also has to pay the taxes which will vary on the class of service and the router of travel.

Customers can log in to the travel itinerary using the credentials to make changes. United MileagePlus changes cannot be made using credit or debit cards.

Basic Economy

Basic Economy tickets are the cheapest in class. These kinds of tickets are there to gain an interest in the passengers who are looking for the most cost-efficient option. These tickets are the best in the market when it comes to cost-efficiency.

There are certain restrictions on these kinds of tickets such as one is not allowed a free carry-on bag or free seats on Basic Economy tickets.

Changing the date or time on these tickets is not allowed. You are also restricted from cancelling the flight for future credit or refund.

United Airlines has four ticket classes that can be changed on request.

Economy Class

Tickets booked in economy classes are not cost-efficient in comparison to Basic Economy tickets.

These tickets also do not have any restrictions over them. Changes are allowed in Economy class tickets.

You will be provided a free carry-on bag and seat assignment on free seats.

Economy class tickets can be canceled for Future credit in the name of the same passenger with the same Airline.

Both Basic Economy and Economy classes are located in the same cabin of the aircraft with the same amount of leg space. The difference will be in the restrictions.

Economy Plus or Premium Economy

These are the tickets which have extra leg spaces and many other features as it comes under the luxurious segments. These seats are located in front of the main cabin.


The flights flying domestically will have Economy plus seats and the ones which are flying internationally will have Economy plus and Premium economy both.

Business and First Class Cabins

Business Class or First class seats are located in the front rows of the plane. These are the most luxury tickets one can purchase on United Airlines. These tickets will provide you free carry-on and free check-in bags.

One would also have the benefit of priority boarding. Recliner seats and in-flight diner with one of the best chefs in the world United First or Business class will give one unforgettable experience.

If you are traveling in the Economy segment, you can change your ticket class and move to the front of the plane along with the luxury class by paying the upgrade fee which can amount from USD 75.00 to USD 250.00 per passenger.

Changing a class is not the same in all upgrades. If you are changing from Basic Economy to Economy class then you need to pay USD 200.00 per passenger. After this, your ticket will have a free carry-on bag and free seat assignment.

While doing upgrades to the premium economy it could cost one around USD 185.00 per passenger or more.

These fees differ in flying into different destinations and it can be higher in international flights. It is better to check it by calling United Airlines Customer support.

When it comes to changing the date, time, or destination of the tickets in Basic Economy, you need to upgrade it to Economy class by paying USD 200.00 per passenger.

Once converted to Economy class or higher that ticket will be eligible for changes as well as applying for Future Credit by canceling the flight.

You can go to the United Airlines official website or call a United Airlines representative for changing a flight. 

 United Airlines change flight policy might differ if the reservation is made through a third-party travel agency. Tickets are allocated to these agencies with either partial or full control of change.

If the reservation is made through any third-party travel agency, United Airlines may not be eligible to make any changes to the reservation and the passenger needs to contact the same travel agency