Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport



There are three kinds of baggage a passenger can carry while boarding a flight. 


 1. Personal Item

 2. Carry-On Bag

 3. Check-In Bag

Personal Item are can be called a laptop bag, ladies purse, or a small bag pack. These kinds of baggage are always allowed in all kinds of tickets as per the United baggage policy.


Carry-on Bags are the one which can be carried inside the aircraft along with the passenger and since it will remain with the passenger. The size of the carry on United should be such that it can fit in the overhead bin.


Check-In bags are the big size bag that cannot be carried inside the aircraft by the passenger but it goes in the Cargo area and is delivered to the passenger at the time of de-boarding the flight.


When it comes to how many bags one can carry on a particular ticket it depends that which class of service one has oneself booked for. Depending upon the class the number of baggage and what kinds of baggage are allowed would depend.


As per United Airlines baggage policy different class of tickets have different restrictions, such as Basic Economy class. This class of ticket is economy class but is the lowest of the economy class, naturally the cost of these tickets are much cheaper than other classes but it does have its restrictions and one of them is related to baggage. Passengers traveling in Basic Economy class are only allowed to carry a personal item for free. 


United baggage policy says if a passenger with a basic economy ticket wants to carry a carry-on bag or a check-in bag then they will have to pay an extra amount at the airport for each bag and the mount would differ if it is an international flight.

Economy Class

Economy class are in the economy section but higher than the basic economy. The price of these tickets would be higher than the basic economy ones but these tickets will allow one to travel with free carry-on the bag along with the free personal item.


The check on bags would be chargeable if the passenger needs to carry one or two. So in this ticket one is allowed 1 carry-on and 1 personal item each and that is the limit in the number of carry-on or personal items. If one needs to carry any other baggage extra no matter how small it is it will go in the cargo as a check-in bag and it will be chargeable at the airport.



Business Or First Class

United Airlines baggage policy says that passengers traveling in these luxury classes are allowed Check-in bags, carry-on & personal items in their ticket. The number of personal items and carry-on bags will remain the same in which is one each.


The number of check-in bags can differ depending upon which kind of ticket the passenger has in these luxury classes.


United baggage policy provides check-in bag free of cost in many of the international flight but it always better to check beforehand the number of baggage included to save trouble at the airport as the amount for adding a check-in bag at the airport in international flight is significantly higher as compared to domestic flights.



Fees For Baggage

Fees for Carry-on bag in domestic travel are USD 25.00-30.00 each bag and this is each way. If the flight booked is a round trip them one will have to pay USD 25.00-30.00 going and returning both. One can pay for both during the departure or pay it separately, whichever is convenient for you.

USD 25.00-30.00 is the cost for the check-in bag as well and it is also each way.

Also, all these prices are per passenger, each passenger will have to pay separately for their every carry-on or check-in bag as per United baggage policy.



Size Of Carry-On United

Taking care of the Size of carry-on United is important as it has to be fitted inside the overhead bin. In inches, the carry-on bag should not exceed 9 X 14 X 22 Inches. If the size of the bag exceeds more than this then it would be considered as a Check on the bag and it will go in the cargo area.


If Size of carry-on United does not meet with the restriction then the bag which goes to the cargo will be chargeable at USD 25.00-30.00 if there are no free check-in bags in your ticket.