Delta Change Flight

Delta Airlines change flight facility is designed to help customers find multiple options for their existing reservation most conveniently and efficiently. Delta change flight is subject to availability of the seats and classes. It can be done up to 24 hours before departure of the flight.

Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy

Delta Airlines flight change policy is the guideline you need to follow while requesting Delta change flight. These guidelines are very flexible and customer-centric.
As per Delta Airlines flight change policy you can request for Delta change flight both online or offline depending upon your preference. These changes can be processed with a certain change fee and a fare difference which depends upon the route and date of travel.
Delta change flight or any other changes can be made on Delta Airlines ticket free of charge within 24 hours from the time of booking.

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How To Change Delta Reservations? (Online)

Delta ticket changes can be made through Delta Airlines' official website or by calling Delta flight change phone number. The same changes can also be made using the official Delta Airlines application for android or IOS.

To apply the changes the passengers are requested to follow these steps.

1. Please get the confirmation number and the complete name of any of the travelers.

2. login to the official website of Delta Airlines ( and click on the MY TRIPS option on the menu.

3. On the next page please login with the help of the confirmation number and the last name of any of the traveler.

4. It will show you the existing reservation itinerary. Find the Delta modify flight option and click on it.

5. On the next page you will find all the available options of the operational flights. Please select the required one and proceed.

6. Please review the new itinerary as appears on the screen and proceed further.

7. The Cost to change Delta Airlines flights will appear on the next page. The Cost to change delta airlines is the change fee and the difference in fare between the original and the new flights. Taxes will be applied to the top of these charges.

8. Please put in in the billing details along with the card number to pay the required amount.

9. Once paid you will receive an email confirmation along with the travel itinerary and the payment receipt.

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In case of any difficulty while finding the confirmation number the passengers can also use the ticket number which was sent to the registered email address from Delta Airlines' official website or the card number which was used to make the payment for the reservation.

If the customer does not have any of the given details, Changes can not be made online and the customer needs to call Delta flight change the phone number with the itinerary to get the confirmation number.

How To Change Delta Reservations On Call? (Offline)

1. Please call Delta Airlines' customer service phone number with the reservation credentials.

2. Please give the Delta Airlines representative with the reservation credential to find the record.

3. Customers can provide the Delta Airlines representative with the email address or the phone number registered on the reservation to find the record.

4. Please be advised that you need to verify at least 2 details as mentioned on the ticket to be authorized to proceed and make changes with the reservation. Verifying the date of birth of the travelers is mandatory.

5. Please advise the representative with your concern and they will help you with the best possible alternative flight to suit your preferences.

6. Please choose the flights best matches your time preference along with the cost.

7. Once flights are selected the representative will tell you the new itinerary and the total remaining charge. This charge will include the change fee and the fare difference if there is any.

8. If you agree please provide them with the card details to pay the charges.

9. Once paid you will receive the confirmation email which will include the new flight itinerary along with the receipt of the charge.

Delta flight change fee is subject to the class of booking and route of travel. It is $200 to $300 for all domestic routes and $300 to $400 for international routes excluding the fare difference. This is the standard change fee and does not include the fare difference.

The fare difference is calculated as the difference between the price available now of the flight which is being booked and the price which was paid for the tickets earlier.

Delta flight change fee does not apply to the changes made on Delta reservations within 24 hours from the time of booking. The fare difference will still be applicable.

Delta Basic Economy Change

Delta's basic economy tickets are the cheapest tickets class provided by Delta Airlines. As the name suggests it comes with plenty of restrictions on it.

Delta Airlines' basic economy tickets can not be changed or canceled. In case of no show, the amount paid for the ticket will be fortified by the airline.

These tickets can be changed or canceled if upgraded to standard economy class with an upgrade fee.

Delta's basic economy change can be made only over call and not on Delta Airlines' official website.

Delta Airlines' name change on the ticket to another passenger is not permitted on a confirmed ticket but it is permitted for the same traveler with correction of any one part of the name.

Delta Airlines' name change facility is not available online and the traveler needs to call Delta Airlines.

In case of codeshare flight where multiple airlines are involved, you need to call the ticketing airlines and the carrier airline as well.

Delta Airlines does not charge any fee for name correction on an existing reservation.

In case if the reservation is made through a third-party travel agency there might be a fee applied. You are advised to check with the ticketing agency.

Delta Same Day Change

There is no change fee but fare difference is applicable for Delta same-day change. It means any changes are done within 24 hours from the time of booking, there will be no change fee.

This policy is applicable only if the reservation is made with Delta Airlines directly. In case if the reservation is made through a third-party travel agency they may apply a change fee on it as Delta Airlines does not have any authority over it.

This policy is not applicable if the reservation is made for a basic economy ticket as there is no change permitted on it.

Delta Schedule Change

In the case of technical issues or instructions given by the airline traffic control Delta Changes flight trimmings which are best suitable and possible.

Delta Reservations does advise the customer regarding the same via email or text. If not suitable you can also change the given itinerary through Delta change my flight on Delta Airlines' official website or by calling Delta Airlines.

In some cases in which the time difference is huge between the time for which the delta reservation was made and the time it has been scheduled for, Delta Airlines also provides the option to the traveler with no Cost to change Delta airlines.

Delta Change Seat

As per Delta change seat policy, the passengers can request a seat change in the same or lower class with no charge.

If the customer requires the seat to be changed to any higher class that will either incur a charge or an upgrade fee.

Currently, Delta Airlines is offering the following classes to its customers.

Delta Airlines Basic Economy

Delta Airlines' basic economy tickets are the most restricted class. It does not offer any free seating and you need to pay to select the seats from before. There is no free baggage as well and you can not take a carry-on with you. If not purchased from before the seats are assigned to the travelers at the airport.

These tickets can not be upgraded online and for change of class, you are requested to call Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines Economy Class

Delta Airlines economy class comes with plenty of free facilities. It offers free seat selection and free carry-on baggage. For any check-in baggage, the customer has to pay as per the Delta Airlines Policy.

These tickets are also upgradable and upgrades can be done online. You can upgrade to any given class online.

Delta Airlines Premium Economy

This is the premium class seating offered by Delta Airlines in the middle of the aircraft. It comes with all the facilities which are offered in Delta Airlines' economy class and more.

These tickets are also upgradable and upgrades can be done online. You can upgrade it to Delta Airlines Business/First Class online.

Delta Airlines Business/First Class

This is the most premium class offered by Delta Airline and it can not be upgraded any further.

You can upgrade to all these classes at a certain cost. The upgrade charges may differ if the reservation is made through a third-party travel agency. The airline may also not have any authority over it and you need to contact the issuing agency for the same.

Delta Refundable Flights

Delta Refundable flight bookings are made under Delta flexible fare tickets. These tickets are completely refundable at any time before check-in.

The passenger will receive a complete refund back in the same medium of payment which was used to make the payment for the ticket.

Delta Skymiles Reservation Change

Delta SkyMiles reservation change is different from normal reservation change as the fare difference is always applied in the form of SkyMiles only if applicable.

Customers can use the Sky Miles from their account or can get the Sky Miles transferred from any other account if required.

Any changes made to the existing Sky Miles reservation will require a change fee of $125 and additional miles as the fare difference. You need to log in to your miles account which was used to make changes or

can call Delta Airlines.

Please be advised that in all these scenarios where the customer is calling Delta flight change phone number, they need to verify the date of birth of any of the traveler or the method of payment details for the verification purpose to be authorized to get the information.

Delta change flight requests can cause a change in equipment or aircraft. In case of any concerns please check the itinerary online before changing or can call Delta Airlines' official phone number. Currently, Delta uses Airbus A220, Airbus A320, Boeing 717, Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 757-200 aircraft.

If you have made the reservation through a third-party travel agency and want to make changes to it through Delta Airlines directly there will be an agency fee applied of $50.

If you want to make changes to any of the passengers but not for all for group reservations and if there is any codeshare flight in the itinerary. These changes can not be made for individuals as the other tickets would get canceled. Hence changes can be made to all the tickets in the group.

Delta Airlines is a partner airline of SkyTeam. SkyTeam was first established in 2000 by founding airline members Delta Air Lines, Aeroméxico, Air France, and Korean Air.

As Delta Airlines is an airline partner of SkyTeam it works as a ticketing partner for the airlines associated with Skyteam and vice versa.

If a flight is operated by Delta Airlines but ticketed by any other partner airlines the passengers need to contact the ticketing airlines for any changes. For these tickets, seat assignment can be made on Delta Airlines directly.

For passengers with difficulty while walking Delta Airlines provides free assistance. While making changes to the itinerary the passengers need to ensure that the service is added to the new itinerary as well.

If and the international card is used for Making new reservations or making changes to an existing reservation with Delta Airlines there might be an exchange fee applied at the top of the charge.

Many times the customers need to authorize the transaction to apply the changes. Customers are requested to check with the bank regarding this.

While making Delta change flight If the new itinerary is cheaper than the old itinerary the difference will be issued as a travel voucher.

These travel vouchers can be used with 12 months from the date of issuance in the name of any traveler for any destination.

If the reservation is made using miles and the new itinerary is cheaper than the old itinerary the miles would be refunded back to the same account which was used to make the reservation.

Group reservations where the ticket issuance is on hold as a group reservations policy until 30 days before the travel date changes are not permitted. Passengers can contact their booking agency to get the ticket issued then changes can be made. Group reservation policy is applied to cruise lines.

In case of any changes to the group reservation, any credit will go back to the same medium of payment which was used to make the payment.

Delta Airlines does provide airport transfer facilities to the passengers wherever required. This facility is provided in case of airport change in the same city. Passengers are advised to check the itinerary before confirming the reservation.

For international flights, if there is any airport change, passengers are advised to check with the carrier airlines for the transfer facility.

Passengers can also make the changes to Air France and KLM by calling Delta Airlines flight change phone number.

An itinerary that has multiple flights involved passengers are requested to check if the flights have the required class the passengers are looking for before making any changes.

The Delta flights change fees that are mentioned are inclusive of all the taxes and fees.

If Delta Change Flight is requested over the call with a Delta Airlines representative there will be a service fee of $25 for each ticket that will be applied additionally.