Delta Airlines pet policy is specifically designed for a hassle-free journey of the owners and their pets. Delta airlines pets in cabin give certain guidelines that are in place for the benefit of the passenger which one would have to follow while carrying a pet with them.

In some cases carrying an animal is a need for the passenger due to health reasons as the animal would be a specially trained one to help put their owners with their disability.

Delta Airlines Pets In Cabin

As per Delta Airlines Pet Policy if the pet is being carried by the passenger in the cabin then the pet should be carried in a small cabin with proper ventilation and enough space for the pet to sit or stand. 


The size of the cabin in which the pet is being carried should be such that it should fit under the seat in front of the passenger. Only when it fits in the cabin and the pet is comfortable one is allowed to travel with the pet inside the cabin.

Delta Airlines Pet Policy International Flights

When it comes to pets inside the cabin the same rules apply for international flights as in Domestic flights. However, whether it is domestic or international flight if the pet does not fit in the cabin then it will travel in the Cargo.

Pet Travel Fees

Traveling with pets requires the passenger to pay a fee of USD 125.00 each way during domestic travel but the fee structure may differ in international flights so it is always better to check with a customer service agent when it comes to international travel.

Do note that the fees are each way USD 125.00 that means if there are multiple destinations in the flight itinerary then each destination would cost USD 125.00.

Delta Airlines ESA Policy

Emotional Support Animals or Service animals are allowed on board. These are animals that are trained in helping out people with disabilities or psychiatric help. 


As per Delta Airlines ESA Policy, one must have complete documentation of the Animal on board and these documents shall be submitted to Delta Airlines 48 hours before the travel time. This gives plenty of time to the Airlines to study the situation of each passenger individually and do the necessary arrangements to make the travel as hassle-free as possible.


Delta Airlines' emotional support animal policy also says that the documentation related to animal traveling should be provided 48 hours before the travel time to make things as easy as possible. 

These animals should be well behaved for the safety and comfort of all the passengers. They should be seated below the passenger seat or on the lap of the passenger, their size should not be that big they are not able to fit under the passenger seat.

If any breeds are not allowed to travel on the flight that will be informed once the passenger submits the documentation. Pitbull and the same types of dogs are not allowed as pets or support animals on Delta flights.

Untrained Service Or Support Animals

In these cases where the passenger would like to carry an untrained or under trained service animal then that is not allowed by Delta Airlines' emotional support animal policy. 


There are exceptions that can be made such as the Under-trained animal which is traveling with the passenger also has a professional trainer with it who is also traveling on the same flight. 


If a professional trainer is traveling with a trained pet but for the purpose of additional training. 


Situations like these would be taken care of case to case basis. Hence it is better to inform the airline about these situations beforehand.


While traveling with Pet or service animal one needs not to worry about the relief area for the animal. 


Delta Airlines does not take direct responsibility for this but it is Govt. rule to have animal relief areas in all airports within the United States. Delta staff will assist the passenger at the airport in order to find the relief area.

Delta Airlines Pet Policy Health Certificate

Delta Airlines Pet Policy health certificate is in place to make sure all the pets traveling have complete certification. 


The passenger needs to have documentation from their pet’s Veterinary doctor mentioning the necessary shots were taken on time and the last shots were taken within 1 year from the travel date. These documents are to be submitted 48 hours before the travel time.



Overall Delta Airlines has one of the best policies when it comes to Animal traveling. All the measures are taken by Delta to make sure one's travel is easy and convenient. 


For any query, there is always the customer service desk which is available 24 hours. 


For more detailed information related to some serious cases, one can also get connected with the designated line for passengers traveling with Pets.