Southwest Flight Change Policy

Southwest Flight Change Policy

Southwest Flight Change Policy: In today’s era, everything is digitalized according to people’s convenience. Even when it comes to the topic of changing and canceling flights, it’s very convenient to do that too.

Southwest Flight Change Policy
Southwest Flight Change Policy

Every airline follows its own rules and policies related to change and cancellation. In this article “Southwest Flight Change Policy” we have mentioned some flight changing policies and the fee charges that would be charged for any changes.

How does Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy work?

Changing flights with Southwest Airlines is quite easy and convenient. The Southwest Flight Change Policy makes your flight change easier. If you have booked online tickets with the airlines, you can enjoy the ease of changing or canceling the flights.

You can change the flights using two modes: online mode and offline mode. To change the flights online you can visit the official site of Southwest Airlines. To change the flights using offline mode you can contact the airline’s representatives.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to change the flight using an online mode:

  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Log in from the top right corner using the username/ account number and password.
  • On the right hand side, click the “Change/Cancel Flight” option.
  • Fill the required confirmation number, First name and the Last name.
  • Press the Change Flight button.
  • Now according to your choice, you can either choose the “Change Flightor the “Cancel Flight” option.
  • Press Search and now you can look for the flights that are presently there in your reservation ticket and Check the flights which need to altered.
  • New cities and new dates can also be searched to avail better offers for the same day.
  • Click the “Select New Flights” option and press continue.
  • Now you can select new flights and recheck the pricing along with reviewing the  Southwest Flight Change Policy.
  • Press continue and then Purchase.

Following these simple steps, you can change the flight online without any hassle.

As we have already mentioned that you can change the flight using the offline mode also, that is, with the help of customer support.

For contacting the reservations department, Customer relations department, or for their mail address, you can visit the official site of Southwest Airlines.

Does Southwest Charge to Change Flights ?

Now the question arises that “Does southwest charge to change flights?” The simple answer to the question is NO. Southwest Airlines do not charge any extra fee for change in flights whether domestic or international.

No Extra Charge

Southwest airlines understand that there can be revisions or amendments in your traveling plans for which the reason could be any. It welcomes any alterations in your bookings and also provides flexibility by not charging an extra fee.

If you wish to make any alterations in the route of the flight then you just have to pay them with the difference in the fare. No additional fees or hidden charges are applied to the alterations.

In short, the airlines do not charge you for any changes in the flight.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy When Price Goes Down After Booking

In the case where flight fares get reduced after you have booked your flight the airlines will not be liable for any refunds. There will be no refunds unless and until you have bought refundable tickets.

But on the contrary, you get the travel credits for future flights which you can use later. Even if you have booked the tickets using rapid rewards, you will get the difference in points as an appliance to the stated policy of getting travel credits.

How to do it?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to get the credit score for future flight bookings according to the Southwest Flight Change Policy:

Initially, you can refund your full flight if you had booked it within 24 hours of the reduction in the flight fare.


  • Log in to your account on the official site and tap “Change Flight”.
  • Under the “Select all flights you would like to change” option, you can choose the flight that you want to modify.
  • Update the selected flight and click on “Select New flights”.
  • Now you can see your flight and the other flights for the day. Here it would be visible that how much more you need to pay in money or points to avail a flight.
  • A negative sign against the amount shows that your fare has decreased after your booking.
  • When you select a flight with lesser fare, you will be able to see the credit score that you are due at the bottom.
  • Lastly, click on the confirmation page to confirm your selection.

And this way you can get the travel score and enjoy it for future bookings.

Southwest Flight Change Policy of Refund

All of your reservations and bookings are not refundable. A ticket’s refund depends on the point that whether the ticket you have purchased is eligible for a refund or not according to the fare type.

Tickets eligible for refund

If the tickets you have bought are fully refundable, then the full unused amount would be refunded to you. The credit will be refunded in your future travel account.

Flights that are fully refundable

Here we mentioned some flights that are fully refundable as per the Southwest Flight Change Policy:

  • Flights that have booked using points
  • Business class select fares
  • And, anytime fares.

If the refundable fares are combined with the Wanna Get Away or non-refundable fares and as a passenger, you failed to inform about the change or cancellation 10 minutes prior to the departure of the flight, then you can not claim any refund.

If your ticket has expired, then the airline is not liable to refund any amount.

Flight those are Non-refundable

It is stated by the airline, that the non-refundable tickets are not applicable for any refunds. Instead, you can use the amount (that was to be refunded) as travel credit for your future traveling.

There are no credit card or cash refunds available for them. If there was a delay in flight due to bad weather, then the airline offers a new seat in the next upcoming flight to the passenger. It also offers to refund the amount for the unused ticket or travel credit for future flights.

How to request for refund?

You can request for refund by following the listed steps:

Before your flight’s departure: You can do this on the official website of Southwest airlines. Firstly you need to cancel your flight and then request for refund. You can also cancel the flight by calling the reservation department or mailing the airline’s refund department and asking for a refund.

After your flight’s departure: You can call the Reservation Department or the customer service manager and can ask for a refund.

Time of refund

The refund department takes approximately 7 business days to process the refunds to the bank accounts of the passenger from the day of the refund request. Sometimes, it takes 10 business days to credit your refund depending upon your bank.

 Southwest Flight Change Policy 24 hours

As a passenger, you are eligible for the full refund of the amount if you cancel or change the flight within 24 hours of purchase. With Southwest Airlines’ 24 hours flight change policy, you have the relaxation of altering your flight’s route, date, or time without paying any extra fee or charges.

There are some terms and conditions marked for the  southwest flight change policy 24 hours, which are as follows:

  • As soon as you have successfully paid for your reservation and have completed your complete booking process, your 24 hour time frame begins.
  • This policy would be applicable for tickets booked using travel credits.
  • Group travels are not eligible to avail this 24 hours policy.
  • The Southwest Flight Change Policy policy would be applicable for and on all fare types i.e. Business select, Anytime or Wanna Get Away fare.

How to alter your Southwest Flight’s Date or Time?

Sometimes you do not wish to change the route but the date and time of the flight. You can modify the date and time of the flight by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the My Trips tab in your official account and look out for your booking.
  • Press the Change flight option.
  • Here, you can change the date and time.
  • Note that if you change the date and time along with the departure and arrival cities, you can be charged a higher prices by the airlines.

This way the passengers can make the desired changes to their flights keeping in mind the Southwest Flight Change Policy.


Here in this article “Southwest Flight Change Policy” we have mentioned different policies of Southwest Airlines for modifying flight itineraries. We tried our best to acknowledge you with the best details.
For any further inquiries about Southwest flight change policy you can visit the official website of Southwest Airline.

Official Website:-

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