Lufthansa Change Flight Policy

Lufthansa Change Flight Policy

Lufthansa Change Flight: Numerous times we need to make changes in our flight itinerary due to some unavoidable circumstances. The passengers usually hesitate to make changes in their flight itinerary as the procedures to do so are lengthy and hectic.

Lufthansa Change Flight
Lufthansa Change Flight

But with Lufthansa Airlines you can change your flight hassle free. Lufthansa Airlines provides you a flexible and easy to understand Lufthansa Change Flight Policy. This policy helps you to make changes easily and without complications.

To know more about the Lufthansa Change Flight policy you can refer our article below:

Key Highlights of Lufthansa Change Flight Policy

Passengers should get well aware of the Lufthansa Change Flight Policy so that they can make the most out of it.

To understand more about it you can read the key highlights of the policy mentioned below:

  • As per the Lufthansa Change Flight Policy, the airline does not charge any change fee for making any changes within 24 hours of flight reservation.
  • If the passenger has already checked-in through any of the modes, then no flight change request would be entertained by the airline.
  • As per the Lufthansa Ticket Change policy, the passengers are allowed to make free changes to their flight if the departure date is changed by the airline itself.
  • The Lufthansa change policy states that if the modifications to the flight are made through any platforms other than the mentioned channels then the airline would not be available for changes.
  • The passenger must obtain a legitimate ticket via official platforms to make a change request.
  • As per the Lufthansa change flight policy, the airline can forfeit the fare amount if the change is requested 30 minutes prior to the departure of the flight.

Risk-Free Interval

Lufthansa Airlines provides a 24-hour risk-free window where the passenger is allowed to make a free change to the flight within 24 hours of reservation.

  • The passenger must have a legitimate reservation from the official platforms.
  • No change request would be entertained by the airline if the request for change is made on any platform other than the official channels.
  • If the passenger is unable to make modifications in the risk free interval then they might have to pay change fee for the required changes.

Procedure for Lufthansa Change Flight

Lufthansa Airline provides the passengers with flexible options to change flights. The airline provides two options – Online and Offline to make the desired changes to your flight. The passenger can choose any of the methods to perform the task according to their convenience.

Both the methods are explained in brief for the passengers to understand:

Lufthansa Change Flight – Online

Changing flights online is the most convenient method for the passenger to make amendments to their flights. They can make these amendments just sitting at homes with the online method. The passenger can change as well as manage their flights online.

You can implement the following steps to make the desired alterations to your flight:

  • Browse the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Press the triple lined icon beside the “Menu” option and click “Book and Manage”.
  • Now click on the “View and Amend Flight Details” option.
  • Log in to the account mentioning the confirmation code and the last name of the passenger.
  • Make the desired modifications to your flight itinerary.
  • Once again review the changes and submit by tapping on Confirm.
  • Pay the Lufthansa Change fee along with the fare difference.
  • Once the payment is successful, the passenger will receive a confirmation email with the new flight details.

Lufthansa Change Flight – Offline

Lufthansa Airline also provides you with the facility to choose the traditional way of changing flights. To make the desired alterations to your flight you can either call the customer support number or visit the nearest Lufthansa ticket counter at the airport.

Just implement the following steps to make the modifications in your flight:

  • Ask the agent for a flight change.
  • Share all the required data with the airline executive to fill the Lufthansa Change Flight form.
  • Review the form with the executive in order to check your eligibility.
  • Pay the Lufthansa change fee along with the fare difference.
  • The airline would send the confirmation email containing the new flight details after the successful payment.

Lufthansa Change Fee

Lufthansa Airline allows the alterations for all the flights purchased as long as the purchased tickets allow the changes. When the passenger requests for the modifications after the 24 hour time period, then they might have to pay the Lufthansa change fee charged by the airline.

Below mentioned are some key highlights of the Lufthansa change fee structure:

  • The passengers who desire to make changes to the flight after the risk free period must pay the change fee of $60/ EUR 50.
  • The passengers need to pay the fee along with the fare difference according to the Lufthansa Change Flight policy.
  • The passengers need to pay a Lufthansa change fee of $240/ EUR 150 for the alterations made on the same day.
  • If the passenger makes the alterations to their reservations for some medical emergencies then the airline will waive off the Lufthansa Change fee.
  • According to the Lufthansa Change Flight policy, the passengers with the non-refundable reservations are not allowed to make changes to their flight.
  • If the passenger desires to make changes to their non-refundable flights then the airline would charge the whole ticket amount as Lufthansa Change Fee.
  • If the airline cancels the reservation then the passenger does not need to pay any Lufthansa Change Fee.

Same Day Lufthansa Change Flight

Lufthansa Airlines provides the advantage of changing the flight on the same day of departure. The passengers should be familiar with the Same Day change service of Lufthansa Airlines in order to make the most out of it.

Here are some key implements of same-day Lufthansa change flight service:

  • The airline does not support any name change request on the same day of departure of the flight.
  • The passengers can make alterations in their flight date and time on the same day by paying the Lufthansa Change Flight Fee.
  • As per the Lufthansa Change flight policy, the whole amount of the fare would be forfeited as same-day change fee for flights purchased from third parties.
  • Non refundable and promo fare passengers are not eligible for change under the same-day change service.
  • The fares purchased on the same day of departure are not eligible under this service.
  • Long haul flights are not available for change under the same-day change service of Lufthansa Airlines.


We have mentioned and described in this article the Lufthansa Change Flight Policy to give the passengers an understandability of the policy. We have provided you with all the information true to our knowledge.

You can visit the official site of Lufthansa Airlines for any further information on the Lufthansa Change Flight Policy. You can also contact the customer support of Lufthansa Airlines for any changes or further enquiries.

Official Website: –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Can I make changes to my return flight date with Lufthansa Airlines?

Ans. Yes, as per the Lufthansa Change Flight policy you can make changes to your return flight date after the departure of the outbound flight. The changes made would be subject to the Lufthansa Change fee along with the applicable fare difference.

Passengers can only make changes by calling the Customer Support of Lufthansa Change Flight.

Q. Can I change my flight Lufthansa Airlines within 24 hours?

Ans. Yes the passengers can make changes to their flights within 24 hours of purchase provided that the flight is booked seven days or more prior to the departure. No Change fee would be applied within 24 hours of change.

Q. How many times can I rebook my Lufthansa Flight?

Ans. Any changes in the flight are subject to change fee and an applicable fare difference as per the Lufthansa change policy. Lufthansa change flight is always made per passenger per booking and penalty needs to be paid with every subsequent change.

Q. How can I change my meal preferences with Lufthansa Airlines?

Ans. You can make changes in your meal preferences with Lufthansa Airlines. You can contact the Lufthansa executives to change your meals.

But the airline may also charge you a premium for the service or may also include the meal as a complimentary service.

Q. How can I change my seating arrangement with Lufthansa Airline on a call?

Ans. You can contact any Lufthansa executive by dialing the customer support number given on the official website. Set the language according to your convenience and ask the agent to fill the change seat form for you.

Pay the Lufthansa change fee along with the service fee charged by the Lufthansa Airline.

Q. Can I alter my flight timings with Lufthansa airline?

Ans. Yes you can definitely make alterations to your flight timings with the airline. Lufthansa airline allows the desired changes to the departure time if you want to keep the departure day same.

The Airline would charge you some penalty as change fee along with the applicable fare differences if any.

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