JetBlue Flight Change Policy

JetBlue Flight Change Policy

JetBlue Flight Change Policy: Passengers tend to make changes to their reservations according to their travel plans. Due to this, they face a lot of hectic procedures to make changes in the flight.

JetBlue Flight Change Policy
JetBlue Flight Change Policy

JetBlue Airline allows you to change the flights through an effortless and vigorous process. The passengers can easily make changes to their flights under the JetBlue flight change policy.

You need to know all the policies before making any changes. To know more about the JetBlue Flight change policy, you can refer to our article below.

Discover JetBlue Change Policy

JetBlue is the seventh largest low-cost carrier airline. It provides an easy and effective process for changing or cancelling flights.

Still there are points under the JetBlue Flight Change Policy that you need to remember while changing flights. Below are some considerations from Jet Blue Flight Change Policy:

  • All the Blue basic, blue extra, blue plus and mint fares are eligible under the JetBlue Change Policy.
  • Excluding the blue basic, the JetBlue change policy would also be applicable for TrueBlue redemption reservations.
  • As per the JetBlue flight change policy, the flights which have already been changed are not eligible to receive refund even if it is done within 24 hours of reservation.
  • Passengers can request for change online by visiting the official website of JetBlue airlines.
  • The passenger can request for change within 24 hours when the flight has been booked at least seven days prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Under the JetBlue flight change policy no change fee would be charged within 24 hours of reservation but only the differences in fares would be applicable.
  • Keeping in mind the JetBlue change policy, all the changes are to be done through the official site of JetBlue airlines or through contacting the customer service of JetBlue airline.
  • A non-refundable fee of $25 would be charged for changing the flight by calling the customer care of the airlines.
  • JetBlue refundable and non-refundable fares would be applicable for changes in date, time, or destination.
  • Under the JetBlue Flight change policy, if the changes are not made before the departure of the flight, all the money would be forfeited.
  • Subject to the availability and the difference in fares, changes can be made to government or military reservations without any change fee charged.
  • Reservations which are cancelled prior to the departure of the flight will remain in the open status for the next one year.
  • Under the JetBlue Change policy, the cancellation for the non refundable fares would be converted into travel credits which would be valid for only originally ticketed passengers in the future travel.

Procedure to Change JetBlue Flight

There are two main options which can help you change the flight. These options include making changes to the flight online or offline.

You can choose either of the two methods for making the amendments in the flight reservations. Both the methods have been made by the airline to ease the process of changing flights.

You can refer the below points to know about the options in detail:

Change flight online

JetBlue offers an easy to follow procedure for changing flights online. It is the easiest and the most secure way to change the tickets without any hassle.

For the online process you require: Confirmation code, last name as in the reservation tickets, departure and destination cities. You can follow the below mentioned simple steps to change the flight:

  • Visit the official site of JetBlue airlines.
  • Navigate to the “My Trip” section and enter the six digit reference code along with the last name as in the tickets to log in.
  • After directing to the reservation page select the “Change Flight” option.
  • Choose the new flight from the available options after entering your travel preference.
  • Now, pay any difference in fare and the additional change Fee.
  • Passengers can pay the amount using the debit/credit cards.
  • After the successful completion of the transaction, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the new flight details.

Note: – In case there is a lower fare difference; for the non-refundable fares it would be forfeited and for the refundable fares it would be converted to travel credits which can be used later for the future travels.

You can also choose the JetBlue mobile app to change the flights following the same procedure

Change Flight Offline

Change flight through Phone: – If a passenger wants to talk to a representative to change/cancel the flight, he/she can call the representative using the customer support number provide on the official site of JetBlue airlines. Keep in mind the following points:

  • Whenever talking to an agent keep your six digit confirmation code handy.
  • Ask the agent about all the cost that would be incurred to make your preferable changes at first only.
  • Provide the details and the changes you would like to make to the agent. You can get personalized experience as you can ask for certain scheduled flights.
  • Always ask your agent to review for you the JetBlue flight change policy for you.
  • Confirm the details guided with the payment for the changes.
  • After the success of the transaction, you will receive the confirmation e-mail confirming your flight details.

Change flight at the Airport: – You can also make changes to your flight from the departure airport. You can also avail the benefits of the Change JetBlue flight same day policy, if you request to change the flight atleast 1 hour prior to the departure.

  • You can keep in mind the following minimal points when changing a flight at the airport:
  • Navigate the JetBlue airlines counter and provide the representative with the six digit reference code.
  • Know about all the costs related to the desired changes.
  • As per your preference, provide the representative with the new flight changes.
  • Re-check the details and confirm the representative.
  • Pay out the difference in fair and the additional charges.
  • With a successful transaction you would receive a confirmation e-mail.

JetBlue Airlines Change Fee

The airline offers a flexible JetBlue flight change policy under which it charges some fee for making amendments in a reservation. The change fee that would be charged would be assessed on various factors.

Some points regarding the JetBlue flight change fee are:


  • It charges a minimal fee of $75 for making amendments to the reservations.
  • For passengers having the fare ticket in the range of $100-$149 are charges a change fee of $100.
  • For passengers having the fare ticket above $150 are charged a change fee of $150.
  • Blue, Blue plus and mint fares are not charges change fee for any changes.
  • The TrueBlue and Mosaic Elite members are also exempted from the change fee for any kind of changes.

JetBlue Same Day Flight Change

The same day flight change policy of JetBlue airlines offers you to change flight on the same day of the departure. To change the flight on the same day you can navigate to the self service kiosk or you can go to counter and discuss it with the representative of JetBlue airlines.

There are some key points of JetBlue same day flight change policy you need to know:

  • As a passenger you can choose an earlier or later flight to the destination on the same day.
  • A passenger has the option to choose only from the same city pairs or the designated airports.
  • The same day flight change facility is not provided for the direct flight a day.
  • A passenger can confirm the same day changes at the airport 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • There is no change fee charged for the changes made on the same day.

Can I change my JetBlue Flight for Free?

The answer to this question is yes. Usually do to some sudden plans passengers might have to make amendments to their flight and they do have to pay a change fee as penalty to the airlines.

But the passengers can avoid this charge. Some key points regarding “Can I change my JetBlue flight for free?” are as follows:

Take the same day change service: If you wish to change the time of the departure you can request for the changes on the same day and take the benefits of same day flight change policy.

  • 24-hour window: The non-refundable fares have a 24 hour window for change or cancellation of flights. According to the regulations of the US Department of Transportation it is stated that if the passenger has booked the ticket seven days in advance of the departure of the flight, they can change or cancel it within 24 hours of booking without having to pay the penalty charges.
  • Buy Refundable fares: If as a passenger you are not sure of the travelling date and time, you must invest in refundable or flexible fares. They might be pricey than non-refundable fares but their change fee is much lesser than the non-refundable fares.
    You can also buy flexible fares as they help you waive off some charges and fees as add on service.
  • Get travel insured: If you know that there could be any changes in your travel plan due to unavoidable reasons you should go for travel insurance as it helps you to cover the flight change cost.
  • Do not book Round-trip tickets: Try to book two one-way tickets rather than booking round trip tickets as JetBlue charges change fee according to the price of the tickets. So, you need to make sure that your individual tickets cost as least as it could to avoid more charges.


In the above article JetBlue Flight Change policy, we have mentioned and discussed every key point that is to be covered under this topic and is true to our knowledge. If you have any more doubts regarding the above topic you can contact the customer support for the same.

For any further enquires about the Jetblue flight change policy and changes you can visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines.

Official website: –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Can I change my flight date on JetBlue?

Ans. Yes, you can definitely change you date as well as time of the flight with JetBlue. You would be charged some change fee for making any amendments in your flight.

In the case there is fare difference then you need to pay the extra amount along with the change fee. In case there is less fare difference then the value would be converted into travel credits for the refundable fares and would be forfeited for the non-refundable fares.

Q. Can I change my name on the ticket with JetBlue?

Ans. According to the JetBlue name change policy you cannot change the name once the PNR has been ticketed.
However the airline gives you the opportunity to use the ticket for another passenger when you book a new PNR, pay the difference and the change fee.

Q. How to change the flight date with the JetBlue airlines?

Ans. Keeping in mind the JetBlue flight change policy you can change the flight date either online or offline. You can make changes in the date by following these simple steps:

  • Go to the web portal of JetBlue and navigate to the manage trip section.
  • Enter the confirmation number and the last name to gather your information.
  • Choose the flight you want to make the changes too.
  • Click the “Change Flight” tab.
  • Enter the new date from the available dates.
  • Now follow the given screen instructions.
  • Pay the fare difference and change fee.
  • Finally you will receive a confirmation e-mail and hence you are done.

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