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American Airlines change flight can be done in two ways. One may complete the procedure on the American Airlines official Website or one may call on their official customer service number.


There are many queries related to changes that include voluntary and involuntary flight changes, name changes, American Airlines scheduled flight.


Below one can get all the answers one needs.

For American Airlines change flight one would need certain information about the ticket which was booked. That information includes details about the tickets such as the 6 digit reference code and the names of the passenger.

If one does not have access to that information then one may at least give the last name of the passenger and can proceed to provide the details of the travel such as the date and time of the flight, origin & destination, etc.

Any information one has of the flight, the agent on the line will be able to help you our with this information but have a reference number and the last name of the passenger is always handy for American Airlines changes as in that case one will be able to make the changes oneself on the American Airlines official website.

If one does not have the reference number then to find the booking with other details of the flight such as origin & destination one will have to call the customer service number.


In other words, the reference number of the booking should be kept handy until the flight is used completely as they help during boarding the flight as well.

When a passenger makes any changes related to date or time for the upcoming flight one also requires to pay the American Airlines change fee.

In domestic flights within United states the change fee will come up to be USD 200.00 per passenger, hence if there is more than one passenger, let’s say 3 of them then the total American Airlines change fee would amount up to be USD 600.00 that is if all of the passengers are going to change their flights. If only one decides to change then the fee would only be USD 200.00 as it is on per passenger basis. However, if the flight taken by the passenger is international then the change fee can go up to USD 750.00 per passenger as well.

This variation in cost during American Airlines changes depends on the kind of ticket one has purchased so it is always better to enquire about it when purchasing the ticket.


On top of the change fee if the new flight to be booked is coming up to be costlier than the previous flight then one will have to pay the difference in the fare as well during American Airlines changes.

American Airlines Same Day Flight Change

In the case of American Airlines same day flight change the procedure is the same. One can do it by oneself on the website or by calling on the helpline number.


There would also be some concession that would be given to the passenger who is changing their within 24hrs before the travel.

The change Fee on American Airlines same day flight change will be USD 75.00 per passenger but one will have to pay the fare difference.


For some American Airlines Elite during American Airlines same day flight change the change fee is also waived off completely.

American Airlines Refundable Ticket

American Airlines refundable ticket is those ticket which can be refunded back to the customers if they decide to cancel the flight for any reason. But it only happens when one purchases a refundable ticket.


These kinds of American Airlines refundable ticket may come up to be costlier than normal ticket but it has its perks.


If one has a regular or non-refundable ticket then during cancellation one will only be provided with Future credit which can be used in the future within one year from the date of the booking.


If one has any doubt of not using the ticket then it is always better to purchase American Airlines refundable ticket.

American Airlines Seat Change

Changing or assigning the seat is of top priority for many passengers as it is a matter of comfort and many would have medical reasons as well. 


American Airlines seat change can be done on the Airline website. 

Some of the seats are chargeable and some are not.


If the free seats are reserved by other passengers then for American Airlines seat change one will have to pay the per-seat cost and the seat cost may differ between the different classes of cabins.


The same can be done by calling the Airline helpline number.

American Airlines Reschedule Flight

American Airlines' reschedule flight is changes done on the timings or the date of the flight by the Airline. These are involuntary changes that the passengers have not requested for. 

In most of the cases, American Airlines reschedule flight happens due to poor weather condition or any technical error with the Aircraft.


These changes are done for the safety of passengers to avoid accidents. 

During American Airlines reschedule flight a passenger has all the right to call the Airline and let them know if they are not okay with the new timings and the Airlines will make changes as per their request or compensate them in some other way.

American Airlines Name Change

American Airlines' name change means to change the name of the person who is traveling. Now, this can also be called name correction but there is a limit to which an existing passenger's name can be corrected.

If one is trying the correct just 2-3 letters in the name of the passenger then that can be done.


If one wishes to change the entire name into a completely different name then that kind of American Airlines name change is not possible.

The fees which are mentioned in the table above are inclusive of all the taxes and fee.

If the changes are done over the call there will be a service fee of $25 for each ticket that will be applied additionally.